Bones-Studio is a furniture and industrial design studio based in Raleigh, NC

We specialize in design, engineering, fabrication, and short-run manufacturing.

Our Process


We’ve found that inspiration comes however and whenever it wants. Our job is to quickly capture it before it goes away.


We start with sketches. Lots of them. How will it look? How will it function? How can we build it?


We CAD prototype everything we do. This makes our designs precise and consistent.


We do all of our own short-run manufacturing jobs in-house, making sure all of our products leave the studio with the highest quality.

Bringing new meaning to “Farm to Table”

Ryan Dart, owner and principal designer of Bones Studio, emerged from his rural western upbringing with the work ethic of his farmer father, and an artist’s eye from his mother that even the most metropolitan upbringing couldn’t have honed. The best of both of these worlds comes together at bones-studio.

After more than a decade of industrial design and furniture creation, the unique aesthetic of Bones Studio was born in 2014. Natural shapes are juxtaposed with clean lines, natural materials are next to cool modern metals. Each piece is made to order in our studio.